Our Work

We worked as digital content consultants for Arts NSW.

Arts NSW digital relaunch

Working as content consultants, we helped Arts NSW transform their digital presence into something more modern and relevant and helped spark a cultural shift in the way the organisation viewed and managed its content.

write-minded worked on the AMP website relaunch

AMP website relaunch

This project covered extensive web content training to help AMP staff tackle their online content, and an editing role to support stakeholders as they prepared for a major site relaunch

We conducted extensive web training at the Australian Museum and developed new site content.

Australian Museum web content training & development

Who knows the mating habits of the Spotted Marsh frog? We do now, thanks to the extensive time we spent with the Australian Museum’s staff training them how to prepare their web content and writing a little ourselves.

We created a content stratagy for Taikoz.

Taikoz and Synergy content strategy

We helped this talented arts organisation consolidate their efforts and think a little bigger by creating a content strategy that looked at user needs, message substance, content structure, better work-flow practices, governance and sign off procedures.